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Emergency Call Box
We can use call boxes in case
of an accident or other emergency.

Emergency Call Box Emergency Call Box

Emergency Call Box

The Aragon India’s SOS Emergency Call Box is specially designed for adverse environments and for road-users to report an accident /incident on the expressway to request for assistance. The rugged, weatherproof metal housing, high-power amplifier, and low power consumption make it ideal for handling emergency calls from the side of the highway or in mining areas.

Aragon India ECB is indigenously designed & developed by inhouse Research & Development Team to meet the very demanding conditions on highways.


IP 65 Certified Durable housing

One button speaker phone.

LED indicating status

Weather & Vandal resistant

Network Compatible

Audible in noisy environments (i.e. roadside, mining)

Filters background noise

Autonomous Power supply by Solar Panel.

Notification through SMS in case of battery failure, door opening and other activities.

Auto switching between IP Module & GSM Module

Remote Software Upgrade via WEB GUI

GPS Tracking system.

Full Duplex communication with the operator.

Daily self-test

Maintenance & Operation logbook

Lost calls saving

Assure 99.99% uptime at Remote location.

Illuminated front call panel


Easy installation: Our emergency call boxes can be easily mounted on a pole or a wall and allows well-situated flexibility to the users. Our range of emergency call boxes are uniquely different and can be easily installed as well as operated.

Weather Resistant: Its stainless steel cover makes it weather durable for substantial time.

LED display: As soon the emergency call box is activated, the LED as instilled in it changes into strobe light. This LED light acts as locator identifier and functions round the clock in a day.

Solar power option: It enhances the charging power of the emergency call boxes as it is equipped with rechargeable battery.

Excellent network Compatibility: The emergency call box is compatible with any given network and is thus; they showcase custom-designed system of Aragon India Information System.

Better perceptibility: It can filter background noises and gives better hearing even in crowded or noisy ambience also.

User-Friendly: Users in need of Emergency Call boxes will find it easy to use and understand. It comes with voice instruction message for user.

Better Security in term of power-fail or system fail: It is equipped with superior quality solar panel, durable solar battery capacity and rechargeable battery.

Language flexibility: It showcases a special feature whereby user can swiftly change message to match language requirements.